About Tawasul System

Tawasul system is a unified national platform developed to instantly connect the public with the ministries and governmental entities in the Kingdom of Bahrain enabling active digital and mobile participation in decision-making for public to voice their ideas, opinions or complaints about services, policies, and government projects.

You can submit any Suggestions, enquiries, or convey gratitude to a government employee or service conducted or submit complaints to any government entity that is part of the Tawasul system. Cases submitted will be responded to within the timeframe set for each entity to deliver as part of their SLA.

Currently you can connect with 53 governmental entities within the Tawasul System.

Every government entity within Tawasul system has an assigned dedicated team to handle your enquiries, ideas, suggestions and complaints according to a pre-set performance indicator (SLA) and timeframe based on the case category.

Tawasul Mobile App

The Tawasul app is the mobile version of the Tawasul system it was created with added features to enable use of the mobile camera and location service to propel the interaction and exchange of information between the public and government whereby the public is empowered as ambassadors to address matters that relate to assets that need attention in public areas. All citizens, residents or visitors need to do is click and share to have the government entity selected to address the issue.

To download the app please visit the eGovernment Apps Store .

Page Last Updated: 03 Aug, 2023