Tawasul System Statistics

Submissions to the Tawasul system are monitored by each governmental entity and statistics are monitored on a monthly basis to create constructive competitiveness amongst government entities with the purpose of reaching high levels of satisfaction in customer experience in what they provide.

The statistics include the total number of cases received through the Tawasul system & app be it Enquiries, Suggestions or complaints and the percentage of closed cases within the Service Level agreement (SLA) of the entity.

Tawasul System Statistics for October 2023

Enquiries & Complaints Cases
Suggestions Cases
Percentage of closed cases within the given time period

Tawasul system statistics from 2017 to 2022

Statistics 2017-2022
Fig.1 - Tawasul System Statistics from 2017 to 2022.

Page Last Updated: 29 Nov, 2023