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Watch how can Tawasul app help you to find solutions for any problem you may face:

A Bahraini citizen managed to obtain the necessary medication for his father, who suffers from kidney failure, after it ran out in hospitals and pharmacies. This was achieved through his communication with the relevant authority via the Tawasul system.
A Bahraini citizen working as a financial supervisor in a sports club recovered his dues after experiencing delays from the club's management in payment. The concerned authority overcame the difficulties and returned the owed amounts to him.
A Bahraini citizen living in a traffic congested area managed to solve the traffic problem by directly connecting with the relevant government officials.
A Bahraini citizen obtained an equivalency certificate for her bachelor's degree that she obtained 20 years ago after a long wait. When she decided to raise her problem through the Tawasul application, she was contacted within a short period of time to resolve her issue.
A Bahraini citizen obtained the required approvals regarding a previous application she submitted for the "Khatwa" program, which serves as an umbrella for home-based businesses, after waiting for a long time to receive a response from the concerned entity. This was achieved with support from the complaint follow-up team in the Tawasul system.
A retired Bahraini citizen managed to retrieve his Financial Support allowance, which was cut off when he decided to start his own business and open a food truck, despite being entitled to it. Once he raised the issue in the Tawasul system, the relevant authorities coordinated and took necessary actions to return his Financial Support allowance.
A Bahraini citizen succeeded in retrieving the insurance amount for the apartment where he lived with his family after moving to another residence. He received appropriate support to easily retrieve the amount by communicating with the relevant authority through the Tawasul application.

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Page Last Updated: 03 Aug, 2023