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How the system works?

Submit a Case
The government of Bahrain aims to achieve customers satisfaction as well as meet their expectations. Therefore, in the case of facing difficulties with any of the services offered by the Government entities, customer is able to submit his/her case, at anytime from anywhere. Users are also capable of selecting their desired entity to directly forward their complaints for an action to take place. If customer is not sure about the responsible entity or the entity is not within Tawasul, the case can be submitted to the eGovernment Authority to review then transfer it to the right entity through the system or communicate with the entity off-line if the entity is not part of Tawasul. Once the case been submitted, the system with provide you with a reference number through sms and/or email address in order to track your case status through the system.
Review & Route
After submitting the case, the government entity will review it in order to take the needed action and assign it to the responsible team within the entity. In case more clarification/information/documentations is required, the central office will contact you to acquire it from you then update it in your case.
Agency Response
If all needed information is available, the case will be assign to the concerned team in the government entity for action. If the case is not related to this entity, it will be transferred to the correct government entity.
Review & Investigate
Once the case is assigned, the responsible team/s in the concerned entity the will do the required investigation and resolve the case. If part of the resolution requires an external governmental entity assistance, the responsible team will do the necessary communication with external governmental entity and will follow up to get the response. Once the case is resolved, the entity will communicate the resolution to the customer through the system and an sms/ email notification will be sent accordingly.`
Customer Review
Once your case has been resolved and notification been received, the customer can view the details of the resolution by visiting Tawasul and using the reference number and the customer is required to provide his satisfaction or dissatisfaction on the response provided by the Government entity for the case to be closed. If the satisfaction feedback is not provided within 1 week, the system will automatically mark the case as Closed. In the case of dissatisfaction on the response, the customer is required to provide his/her feedback to the Government entity in order to response back or re-route the case again for further investigation.
Analyze & Improve
Resolving the cases within the service level agreement is a target for every Government entity, but this is not enough. Every Government entity is required to analyze the cases, identify preventive solutions and take actions towards further improvements in their services and/ or processes. However, customer suggestions is always a fundamental element for future improvements.