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About National Suggestions and Complaints System

National Suggestions and Complaints System
The National Suggestions and Complaints System allows you to submit enquiries, complaints or suggestions to the Government Entities at any time, day or night. Submissions are sent directly to the relevant government agency. The system will provide you with a tracking number that will enable you to track the progress of your submission. Your feedback and complaints are of high-value to us and treated very carefully. They help us stay in touch with your needs and improve our service. The system registers and addresses all queries by directly sending submissions to the central office which comprise highly-experienced teams of the relevant government entities participating in the system.
What is a Complaint?What is a Complaint?
Any case related to a current service difficulty or dissatisfaction of a services delivered by any Government entity involved in Tawasul. you can also report incidents, issues and problems of the concerned entity services. A complaint is related to dissatisfaction of the level or the services provided by the entity, payment transaction errors, technical error, failure to access a service, or failure of full service delivery and documentations.

How can we serve you better?

  • Provide us with full related details of your case preferably with numbers (personal number, date, time, amounts, physical address/location, etc.)
  • For payments complaints, attach payment transaction screenshot, bank SMS or bank statements in the specified field.
  • For technical complaints, specify the exact error message or attach error screenshots in the specified field.
What is a Suggestion? What is a Suggestion?
Any new idea and new process that will serve to enhance an existing Government service or suggesting new service that the customer would like to propose to the concerned Government entity involved in Tawasul.

How can we serve you better?

  • The suggestion has to be related to the concerned selected entity.
  • The suggestion has to be realistic and applicable.
What is an Enquiry?What is an Enquiry?
Any request for information, clarification, or assistance on any type of services provided by the involved entities. The customer can enquire about anything related to government services whether it is about services itself, credentials, documentations, and government fees.

How can we serve you better?

  • The enquiry has to be related to the concerned entity.
  • The enquiry has to be specific and precise.
How to submit a case?
  • Fill the form and select your desired government entity you are addressing the case to.
  • If the case has been successfully submitted, you will receive a reference number (provided on the portal), an email, and a text message (for local submissions only) in order to track your case status.
  • Please use the available form in 'Submit your Case' to send us your complaints, enquiries and suggestions. Make sure to fill all the required fields in 'User Information' and 'Case Details' sections. Prior to submitting your case, please consider the following:
    • Try to mention all the necessary details that will help in resolving your case.
    • If you have any documents that are related to the case, you can attach them in the specified field. For instance, a copy of your smartcard, snapshot of the error message, etc.
How the system works?How the system works?
Click here for the detail information or flowchart about how the National Suggestions and Complaints System works.

Watch the video for details on how the National Suggestions & Complaints System works.