General Directorate of Traffic Services


These services, provided by the General Directorate of Traffic (GDT), allow the users to perform their transactions in an efficient and convenient way.

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  • My Traffic Record
    My Traffic Record My Traffic Record

    View details of driving licenses, vehicles registration, traffic contraventions, plate numbers and select the desired due amounts to be paid online.  (Standard eKey)

  • Due Payments
    Due PaymentsDue Payments

    Pay all the due amounts for driving license(s) renewal, vehicle(s) registration renewal, and traffic contravention(s).  (Standard eKey)

  • Traffic Certificates
    Traffic Certificates

    Issue and view traffic certificates for individuals and commercial registrastions, verify the details validity of the issued Traffic Certificate.

  • Vehicles Record Enquiry
    Vehicles Record Enquiry

    Enquire about the condition of the used vehicle.