Tawasul System

Tawasul system is your gateway to connect with numerous governmental entities within the kingdom of Bahrain to easily share any enquiries and complaints you may have that will help in decision-making and improve quality of life, and services offered to you and the public. A dedicated team in every government entity in Tawasul will handle your enquiry or complaint according to a pre-set timeframe based on the case’s category.

Complaint against Employment Office

  • Availability of documents proving the contract with the employment office.
  • That the contract is in place (in the probationary period / 90 days) in the event of a dispute regarding the domestic worker.
  • It must be submitted by the employer personally, or his representative with an authorization to submit it

Complaint against Employment Office

  • Fill out the complaint form
  • A copy of valid ID of the employer (if any)
  • A copy of valid ID card of the domestic worker
  • A copy of the passport of the domestic worker (if any)
  • The concluded Recruitment contract, between the employer and employment office
  • A copy of the receipt of the mediation amount from the employment office
  • Other documents concerning the complaint

Complaint against Employment Office

  • 14 Working Days

Relevant Government Services Directory

This eService allows you to perform the listed government services. For more information you can visit the service directory page.

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