Financial Support Services

This service is provided by the Ministry of Social Development to citizens for obtaining requests about financial support service claims.

Financial Support for People with Low Incomes (High Cost Allowance)

  • The applicant must be Bahraini
  • Be a permanent resident of Bahrain

Beneficiaries are defined according to one of the following categories:

  • Husband and wife, with or without children
  • Social Security Beneficiaries
  • The elderly of both sexes, with or without children, regardless of marital status. (Male: divorced, widowed, married, single) (Female: divorced, widowed, single).
  • divorced with child custody
  • A widower with children

Owning one commercial register with one branch is allowed according to the following criteria:

  • The number of employees should not exceed 10 employees
  • The total wages of employees shall not exceed 1000 dinars

Financial Support for People with Low Incomes (High Cost Allowance)

  • Fill in the application and declaration form
  • Original (valid) ID card of the applicant.
  • The applicant’s original bank statement including the IBAN
  • Divorce certificate and custody ruling in the case of a divorced man or woman
  • For holders of commercial registers only: Bring the customer number/ facility number, a statement from the notary office to determine the amount of income from the commercial register, the lease contract, and the electricity bill.
  • It is mandatory to bring a salary certificate or a retirement pension statement if the applicant is not sure of the amount of income registered with the Social Insurance Organization
  • For holders of fishing licenses, a statement from Agriculture and Marine Resources is required. This statement should specify the fact that the owner has one license and the type of license.
  • In some exceptional cases, residency in Bahrain can be considered, such as work abroad or treatment conditions. Accordingly, the necessary documents are required to prove the case.

Financial Support for People with Low Incomes (High Cost Allowance)

  • 1 Working Day

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