Individual labor dispute settlement

Settlement of individual labor disputes that may arise between the worker and the employer upon termination of the employment contract, payment of end-of-service dues, or deprivation of one of the rights stipulated under the Labor Law and executive decisions

Individual labor dispute settlement

  • To be among those to whom Labor Law No. (36) of 2012 applies.
  • The absence of a lawsuit or request with any administrative authority related to the subject matter of the dispute.
  • The absence of a criminal report regarding one of the parties to the relationship.
  • The subject matter of the dispute should be an individual labor under the jurisdiction of the Individual Labor Dispute Settlement Authority at the Ministry of Labor.
  • In the event that the worker is a foreigner, there must be no report of absconding against him or the holders of a flexible work permit.

Individual labor dispute settlement

  • Employment Contract
  • A copy of the work permit, If the worker is a foreigner
  • Fill in the required data in the system

Individual labor dispute settlement

  • 2-5 Working Days

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