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With the current pandemic faced globally and in line with directives of the Kingdom of Bahrain Crown Prince, Deputy Supreme Commander and Prime Minister, His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa to deploy modern technologies in finding a solution to prevent the spread of COVID-19 the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA), in collaboration with the National Taskforce for Combatting the Coronavirus (COVID-19), worked endlessly to introduce the BeAware Bahrain app to help support national efforts in mitigating the virus spread.

App eServices and Features

  • Registration: Enables app users to register their details to activate the app’s features.
  • Language: In support to all communities within the Kingdom of Bahrain and to leave no one behind the app is in six languages (Arabic, English, Urdu, Hindi, Bengali and Persian).
  • Contact Tracing: Alerts users to get tested once they have been in contact with a positive case.
  • Coronavirus Test Results: Enables users to view Coronavirus lab test results once released by the test center.
  • Schedule Exit Swab Test: If the user is a home isolated case, it will help schedule an exit swab test. Exit swabs will be conducted via drive-through facilities located at the test center without the need for individuals to leave their cars.
  • Declaration for Exiting Bahrain: This eService enables Bahraini citizens to declare their responsibility for traveling abroad before leaving the country.
  • PCR (COVID-19) Test Certificate: Enables travelers from the Kingdom of Bahrain to view and print their (Polymerase Chain Reaction) PCR test certificate that is valid for one month from the last COVID-19 test via the app.
  • Payment for Arrivals Test: This eService enables the individuals entering Bahrain to pay for their Coronavirus (COVID-19) test.
  • Reporting COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test Result: Enables app users to view a list of pharmacies that provides the Rapid Antigen Test device, upload photos of their COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test results and, submit it to relevant authorities at the Ministry of Health to receive further assistance.
  • Registration for Coronavirus Vaccine: Enables users to register & book an appointment for taking the approved COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Coronavirus Vaccination Certificate: Users can issue COVID-19 vaccination certificate after two weeks of taking the second dose of vaccine.
  • Announcements: Provides updates from the National Taskforce for Combatting the Coronavirus (COVID-19).
  • Decision Lists: Provides a list of all released decisions regarding the Coronavirus from Kingdom of Bahrain officials.
  • General Guidelines: Provides protective instructions about the Coronavirus such as methods to prevent virus spread, self-isolation instructions, and disinfection methods.
  • Official Statistics: Provides a summary of cases including total tests conducted, active cases, stable cases, critical cases, discharged cases, and deaths.
  • Global Statistics: provides statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO) on confirmed cases, recoveries and deaths in total and for selected countries.
  • National Coronavirus Hotline: Enables users to call the National Coronavirus Hotline 444 directly from the App to get advice or clarifications from dedicated agents.

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  • Information & eGovernment Authority
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