App Description

This application provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with the Information and eGovernment Authority allows the citizens, residents and visitors of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

App eServices and Features

  • Register Your Travel: To facilitate the communication between the Kingdom of Bahrain diplomatic missions and the citizens in case of emergencies during their travel.
  • Travel Documents: To allow citizens to upload the documents they require during their travels.
  • Prepare to Travel: Provide Visa Information, instruction and travelling advice.
  • Notifications: The latest announcements issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs concerning any emergency cases that may arise while being abroad.
  • Kingdom of Bahrain Embassies: Provides the contact information for Kingdom of Bahrain Embassies and Accredited diplomatic missions available abroad and their official working hours.
  • Accredited Foreign Missions: This service provides contact information for the accredited Foreign Missions inside and outside the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • Visit Kingdom of Bahrain: Useful information about events, places to visit and tourist attractions.
  • Help Request: Contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for assistance.
  • Virtual Assistant: An automated chat program to assist the users.

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App eServices Providers

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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