Social Insurance Organization Services


These services, provided by Social Insurance Organization (SIO), allow individuals of insured workers, pensioners and beneficiaries to calculate the expected pension amount average salary for any given job within the private sector, display statements of the employees’ salaries, view and verify as well as print the online Pension Salary Certificate for the pensioners of both the government in addition to the private sectors, and calculate a salary assumption for any applied job. SIO Services include a package of services for employers who aim to complete their dealings with SIO electronically as well as follow up on their progress. Through these eServices the employers will be able to view all that pertains to financial transactions, registration transactions, and yearly update of salaries made through their accounts at SIO.

Insurees Services

  • Pension Calculation
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    Pension Calculation

    Calculates the expected pension amount for those who work within the private sector and suggests dates to get the best pension amount.

  • Insurees Contribution Statement
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    Insurees Contribution Statement

    Displays a statement of employees’ salaries registered at SIO by their employers for the current or previous years.

Employers Services

  • Quick Payment Service
    Quick Payment Service

    Enables the employer to pay the invoices by either providing the CR Number or the Employer Number, without the need to log into SIO eServices account.

  • Update Employers Details
    Update Employers Details

    Allows the employer to update the contact information and change or set a new password to access SIO eServices.

  • View Health Care Fees Collection Invoice
    View Health Care Fees Collection Invoice

    Allows the employer to view the monthly invoice of the health care charges for Bahraini Workers in addition to the total annual charges.

  • eServices Account Activation
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    eServices Account Activation

    Enables the employers to activate their establishment and branches online accounts by using the Employer Number or the CR Number.

  • View Current Invoice
    View Current Invoice

    View monthly invoice details and fines or interest fees applied.

  • Online Payment
    Online Payment

    Pays the monthly insurance contributions on-line securely.

  • Account Statement
    Account Statement

    Enables employers to view the statements of their accounts in SIO.

  • Insured Workers List
    Insured Workers List

    Shows worker's records along with their contributions that are registered with the SIO.

  • Monthly Addition and Termination
    Monthly Addition and Termination

    View the list of added and terminated insurees as per the SIO's records for the current invoice and its details.

  • Monthly Adjustment Details
    Monthly Adjustment Details

    View the list of monthly adjustments that affect the calculation or recalculation of contributions included in the current invoice.

  • National Workers Registration
    National Workers Registration

    Register Bahraini and GCC nationals in the SIO's records online and track the registration status.

  • National Worker Termination
    National Worker Termination

    Allows employers to terminate Bahraini and GCC nationals online and track the request status.

  • Yearly Update Salaries
    Yearly Update Salaries

    Enables employers to perform the yearly update of their employees' details (salaries and job titles) in the SIO's records online.

  • Insurees Pension Calculation
    Insurees Pension Calculation

    Calculates the expected pension amount for those who work in the private sector and suggests dates to get the best pension amount.

  • Request for Pension
    Request for Pension

    Allows submitting the pension request online after service completion (applicable for Bahraini nationals only).

  • Insuree Contribution Statement
    Insuree Contribution Statement

    Displays the contributation statement registered in SIO for the insured worker in the private sector based on the value of the insured wage.

  • Average Salary Calculation
    Average Salary Calculation

    Calculates a salary assumption for any job based on selected parameters such as the job title, qualification and experience.

  • Update Job Title
    Update Job Title

    Updates the job title for the registered insurees (Bahrainis and GCC citizens only).

  • Register Work Accident
    Register Work Accident

    Allows employers to register work accidents and daily allowances in the SIO records online, and track the progress.

Other Services

  • Complaints and Suggestions
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    Complaints and Suggestions

    Enables citizens and residents to submit their suggestions and complaints easily at any time and from anywhere.