Disabled People Services


Ministry of Social Development enables Bahraini citizens with special needs to view information about the rehabilitation services offered to them and enquire about the necessary procedures for the registration to benefit from these services through the eGovernment Portal.

  • Intermittent Care (Temporary)
    Intermittent Care (Temporary)

    The child is accepted in the Centre for a period not exceeding three months as a result of unforeseen circumstances in the family and then is returned to his family when the specified period is expired.

  • Day Care (Rehabilitative Classes)
    Day Care (Rehabilitative Classes)

    Child is appended to the rehabilitative classes during the day time, where different aspects of rehabilitative, recreational, psychological and educational services are offered.

  • Physiotherapy

    Department of Physical Therapy receives many children who suffer from varying degrees of disability and physical difficulties and are trained according to specific programs.

  • Academic Rehabilitation
    Academic Rehabilitation

    Offers rehabilitation and training for children with minor and medium intellectual disabilities by providing special programs that help them to incorporate and adjust socially.

  • Vocational Rehabilitation
    Vocational Rehabilitation

    Offers a provision of professional rehabilitation programs with an aim to achieve economic efficiency of the disabled through work and engaging in a steady profession.