Social Insurance Organization Services

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These services, provided by Social Insurance Organization (SIO), allow individuals of insured workers, pensioners and beneficiaries to calculate the expected pension amount average salary for any given job within the private sector, display statements of the employees’ salaries, view and verify as well as print the online Pension Salary Certificate for the pensioners of both the government in addition to the private sectors, and calculate a salary assumption for any applied job. SIO Services include a package of services for employers who aim to complete their dealings with SIO electronically as well as follow up on their progress. Through these eServices the employers will be able to view all that pertains to financial transactions, registration transactions, and yearly update of salaries made through their accounts at SIO.

Insurees Services

  • Pension Calculation
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    Pension Calculation

    Calculates the expected pension amount for those who work within the private sector and suggests dates to get the best pension amount.

  • Insurees Contribution Statement
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    Insurees Contribution Statement

    Displays a statement of employees’ salaries registered at SIO by their employers for the current or previous years.

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