Lease Contract Services

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This service provided by the Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Awqaf allows the leaser or tenant to register for both housing and commercial lease contract. A fee of five dinars (5 BD) will be charged for the residential lease, and ten dinars (10 BD) will be charged for the commercial lease. In addition, it allows the applicant to check the details of the registered lease contracts. The law provisions apply on properties and their components that are intended for housing or industrial purposes, commercial, professional, crafting, or any other purposes, as they also apply on the existing lease contracts, with the exception of the below properties:

  • Land and industrial facilities that are subject to Law Decree No. (28) for the year 1999 on the establishment and organization of industrial zones.
  • Agricultural lands.
  • Property leased for hotels and tourism purposes.
  • Furnished apartments that do not exceed the period of leased months.
  • Residential units that are utilized for working conditions.
  • Land leased for the purpose of development.